Volunteer Recruiting

Recruiting begins at Clinical Research Center of Nevada with a meeting of the entire team where we plan our strategy based on the needs of each study. Everyone takes ownership and has a role to play.

We draw on a long history of successful recruiting campaigns. Some of these include medical practice referrals, television and radio advertising, print media, and internet marketing. Clinical Research Center of Nevada is also active in the community, efficaciously recruiting at local health fairs and expositions. As a result, our active database continues to grow. The size of our subject pool and the dedication of our staff ensures a positive outcome for enrollment.

Volunteer Retention
Recruiting and Retention at Clinical Research Center of NevadaWe begin our relationship with our volunteers by making sure they have a clear understanding of the study and whether it makes sense for them to participate. We answer all of their questions and address any concerns they may have. Our informed consent process is very thorough. We also use our experience to help select volunteers that have the characteristics that are most likely to complete the study.

We add to this solid foundation by assisting our volunteers with any additional needs as they are presented. We are always available to answer questions and discuss their progress. When appropriate, we serve as a bridge to their primary care physician, ensuring that study treatments and results support their regular medical care, whenever possible.

We care about the well-being of our volunteers, and they know they will be treated with respect. This type of relationship creates a satisfying experience for participants and results in a strong completion outcome.