CRCN’s management team brings together medical and clinical trial experience with sound financial and contracting expertise to improve the quality of life for those in our community and provide the critical information required by our sponsors.

Darlene G. Steljes, RRT, RPSGT, CCRC

Over the past fifteen years Ms. Steljes has taken Clinical Research Center of Nevada, L.L.C. (CRCN) from a single location with a couple of therapeutic areas to what it is today with ten sites and more than forty concurrent studies covering a large number of therapeutic areas. Working with a broad range of sponsors and CRO’s she has overseen the completion of more than four hundred Clinical Trials involving more than ten thousand participants.

Beginning her career in Canada as a Psychiatric Nursing assistant for the Alberta Hospital, Darlene rapidly became the “go to” person for a wide variety of special procedures. Her ability to get things done was recognized by hospital management and she was promoted to supervisor/manager of respiratory services for rehabilitation and ultimately Manager of Respiratory Therapists. One of many highlights during this period was being part of the team that developed and taught “Frog Breathing” techniques patients on mechanical respirators so that they could from time to time be independent from the machines.

Continuing to move forward with her professional career Ms. Steljes became the Senior Clinical Polysomnographer and Program Coordinator for the St. Boniface General Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. From there she quickly moved on to become a Polysomnographer/Researcher at the Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic, Stanford University, California. During her time at Stanford Ms. Steljes worked with a team of people that ultimately created the first CPAP machines.

Humana Sunrise Hospital Sleep Disorders Center recognized Darlene’s skills, bringing her to Las Vegas as Technical Director to set up the first working diagnostic sleep facility in Nevada. Once the facility was established for the next eight years she took the role of Clinical Director for the St. Rose Dominican Hospital Sleep Disorder Clinic.

Seeing an opportunity to start her own business with a diagnostic PSG site, Darlene set up the very Successful Sleep Clinic of Nevada which ran for eight years with her at the helm. During this time Ms. Steljes saw another opportunity for success in Clinical Research and started Clinical Research Center of Nevada where she continues to be the Chief Executive Officer.

Troy Odynski, RPT, CCRC

While still a very capable PSG Tech and CCRC, most of Mr. Odynski’s time is spent with the day to day administrative activities of CRCN. One of his many assets to the company is his ability to play devils advocate when new or risky opportunities are presented to the company and his unique ability to communicate new ideas with the CEO.

Mr. Odynski began his career as a Clinical/Research Polysomnographer for St. Boniface Hospital in Winnipeg, MB, Canada. Followed by a year as Senior Clinical Polysomnographer for the Sleep Disorders Center of Metropolitan Toronto.

Having worked with Mr. Odynski on several occasions, Darlene Steljes brought Mr. Odynski on board with her as a Polysomnographer/Technical Consultant for the Sleep Clinic of Nevada and then as President when she created CRCN.